Hellllllllllo Ava!

  1. I know the large satchel version of this bag isn't very popular, but I LOVE the smaller version, so I got it today in "Antaloupe" I think...! LoL It's a light whiskey-like brown, very pretty.

    This is what it looks like (courtesy of NM) since mine is being sent to me this week. It doesn't show the shoulder strap, though. When it comes in I'll post a pic of it on me, till then I'm just dreaming about this one :yahoo:


    Note the STRONG handles on this one. :boxing: Bonus!
  2. I'm glad you're getting your dream bag! Please post pics when you get it in!

  3. Beauty!!
    Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. I will, thanks! It supposed to be here Wed.

    After my Tekla fiasco when the strap wasn't reinforced, and broke at the strap, then another purse broke in one week - a bad week! - I can't wait to get my new workhorse bag home!

    I saw it at the store but wanted the "antaloupe" colour, hence I wait! :confused1:

    A good wait! :yahoo:
  5. I really like the Ava, both east west like yours and the tall one. Can't wait to see your real pictures, they always look a little different. THis color should be really versatile. Congrats.
  6. i've been waiting to see this bag irl - congrats and post when you get it.
  7. The leather on these bags are meant to be amazing.

    Congrats - cant wait to see the pics
  8. I've got this exact bag! :yahoo: :wlae:

    The leather is incredible! I would post pics but I don't want to steal Angelfish's thunder ;)

    You will love your new bag Angelfish! Congrats :flowers:
  9. It's beautiful congrats! :yahoo: can't wait to see pics of it when you get it! :smile:
  10. Don't be silly! Post post post! I'd LOVE to see her sister bags in good homes!

    I can't wait. Although I love Kerala and the Edith, the leather on this bag was absolutely amazing, made me feel better about not buying a Paddy... My DH likes Chloe too, EXCEPT Paddy! We have a friend who was a little clumsy (whoops! :shame: ) and dented her car door when she was loading her kids from the paddy lock. Plus, an S.A. didn't like them and mentioned her distaste around DH, now he's convinced they're the devil accessory! :crybaby:

    The Ava was very close, great shape but no big and pretty glammy accroutements like locks or charms, so she was the front runner from go. Good thing too... is it just me, or is Chloe starting to get more and more expensive?

    Doesn't faze me today tho. She's worth it! :yahoo:
  11. she's pretty angelfish, makes me wanna buy one too:p . pls post photos once u get it, CONGRATS!!!

    BTW, how much is it??
  12. Thanks!

    It's avail at Neimans and better Nordies, Chloe -  Ava Leather Bag -  Neiman Marcus

    I paid a bit more with tax and expedited shipping. Of course, it replaces the Tekla that cost a little more, so not so much of a bite this time.

    But I tell ya, if that leather isn't 100% (I'm a little skittish nowadays) baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack it goes! :angel:
  13. I like this bag MORE than the bay. Look at this picture, gorgeous. I want it in black!

  14. Just got her! Wanna see her?? :yahoo:

    She's NOT as heavy to begin with as a Paddy, which was good because I tend to fill bags up. The colour looks nice against brown heels; colour is "antelope", a little more tan and less gold/orange than whiskey. My pics make it look darker than it is, it's closer to the pro shots from NM.

    And best of all - tall, STRONG :biguns: straps that make me feel more confident I can put my stuff in it! The reinforced shoulder strap is a bonus. I realize it makes me sound paranoid, but after losing one bag to weak straps I'm not about to do it again. :push:

    So - I'm in love! Viva l' Ava! :heart:

    (ps. this is a duplicate post so I could add info on the "All about Ava" reference thread )
    ChloeAva.jpg ChloeAva2.jpg ChloeAva3.jpg
  15. It is a beautiful bag, Angelfish! Congratulations!!! what are the dimensions? Enjoy!!:smile: