Hell Has Frozen Over!!!!

  1. So in an odd twist of fate I managed to find someone with a 2001 classique that they were willing to sell. The whole process happened in less then ten minutes - and I consulted Mimi to make sure everything seemed on the up and up...
    Well less then 24 hours later she is mine!!! There are really no words to say what a beautiful bag this is. I really had no idea leather (or anything on earth) could be this soft! (My other b-bag is a 2006 city, which is nice -but....!) It's in really good condition for it's age. No major marks or scuffs. The leather is just soooo squishy - no veins, no distressing, no marks - just thick thick thick and soft!
    So here she is:

    First season 2001 le dix balenciaga classique bag - my dream has come true!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Beaux - it is GORGEOUS!!! :heart: :heart: :love:
    I'm so excited and happy that you found your dream bag - I feel like turning cartwheels!!! :upsidedown: :P :upsidedown:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Congrats :yahoo: !!!
    This is the most beautiful Black First :love: I've seen so far:tender: !!!

    Now you've found perfection, what's your next holy grail :graucho: ???
  4. It is simply delectable.....CONGRATS !!!!
  5. Wow!!!!!!:nuts:
  6. you know I'm so happy for you!!! I'm so thrilled you got it and it all worked out, it was definitely meant to be - no doubt about it - so happy to share in the joys of the '01 le dix classique with you :love: (it's definitely one of my favorites that I own, and now you own one that is all yours!!!) :nuts:

    (you must change your signature now! because you found your dream!!!! :heart:)
  7. ^^OMG - Mimi, you're right! I thought it would be years until I took that thing down! :roflmfao:

    Thanks so much for the well wishes everyone. Needless to say - I need to cool it with bags for a lllloooonnnggg while!
  8. OMG!!! I know how you have been desperatley seeking this bag!!! A HUGE CONGRATS to you!!!:yahoo: Like I have said before...GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!!!!!!:flowers:
  9. Wow! You and that bag were obviously meant to be together! What a great story.

    Congratulations on a gorgeous bag. I've never seen a Balenciaga that looked so squishy and lush.
  10. WHOA!! a first season le dix classique!!!!!! I :love: it! CONGRATS on finding your dream bag!
  11. Awesome, you're going to looks like Kirsten Dunst carrying it, I think she has the flat brass too. I love her look. So stylish....
  12. It's beautiful! Congrats! So glad you got your dream bag!
  13. WOW!!! i'm so excited when reading this thread! BUNCH of congrats to you :yahoo:
    it's a beauty... how is it compared to '02 leather?
    please post pics wearing that :girlsigh:
  14. :yahoo: :wlae: congrats on finding your dream bag!!! ***hugs*** you're SO lucky!!! i hope one day i can be happy as you!!! COME ON DREAM BAGS!!! :love:
  15. Wow beaux! That's fantastic!! Congratulations, I'm so glad you found your dream bag and that it's as gorgeous as you dreamed it would be! :yes: