Helen Yi Sale on Chloe

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  1. FYI ~ I just received a call from Ariel at Helen Yi in Chicago that they have started their summer sale. She said items are 30 to either 50 or 60% off and this does include Chloe handbags and clothing, amongst other designers. I have not called her back so I'm not sure what bags they have in stock. You can reach them at 773-252-3838.
  2. This is what she has left and if you hover over the picture you will also get the price.
    Chloe Edith Hobo, Muscade $1044.JPG Chloe Pouch, mocha $348.JPG Maggie bag-Antelope $1145.JPG Quilted Bay White $1246.JPG
  3. Thanks Mona!