Helen Yi in Chicago....

  1. Has anyone here purchased Chloe, or any other designer handbags for that matter, from them before?
  2. I did a search for authorized online Chloe retailers and found this link:
    Handbags: Online Authorized Retailers and Helen Yi is on the list along with Aloha Rag, Net-A-Porter, LVR, etc. Just curious if anyone has actually ordered from them...they don't take phone orders but fax orders, like Aloha Rag. Thanks!
  3. I haven't purchased any, but the last time I was there (last fall, so a while ago) Helen Yi had a few paddies in stock. They're an authentic Chloe dealer, and don't :censor: around. Their stock is small, and the majority of items were Chloe. I wouldn't be wary of buying from them, they appear to be the genuine article.
  4. Thank you...that's really good to know. I called them out of the blue yesterday searching for a taupe satchel, and the SA, James Newall said they didn't have Taupe, but they had a Whiskey HALF OFF! :nuts: Since I had not dealt with them before I requested photos of the bag inside and out and all the tags, which he emailed right away. Needless to say, I have a Whiskey paddy on the way! Not the color I was hoping for since I have a tan hobo and they seem fairly close in color, but at that price I couldn't pass it up. :smile:
  5. debsmith,

    You will LOOOOVE the whiskey! It is a very rich color and I find myself being able to wear it with so many things. Originally I didn't think this was possible but it is! I actually prefer it a lot over taupe, which I find kinda boring.

    Anyhow, email me the photos! I would love to see them. Since it was half off I'm thinking it was a return. Make sure when you get it that you check for markings/rips or tears that didn't show up in the photos. Whiskey paddingtons are usually never on sale (the more unpopular colors usually are...or returns).
  6. lorduinny...I just sent them to you. When I talked to James and he told me the price, my first statement was "What's wrong with it?!" and he said absolutely nothing, but I did ask him to go over it to make sure. He said they were just clearing out for the new colors coming in and they had limited space. They had others on sale as well...a Betty and something else but I can't remember.

    I don't mind if it was a return but I will go over it more closely now that you mentioned it, just to make sure. :yes:
  7. Wow, I am surprised they pushed a whiskey out of the way for the fall shipments! :wtf: It is considered one of the most popular and hard to find colors. Bad for them, good for you!!! :wlae:

    Actually, I heard they weren't releasing any new whiskey's this fall. This is just a rumor I heard from my Saks SA. :shrugs: I saw the photos of your bag and it looks soooo pretty. When it comes take more photos and post them please!
  8. I actually live down the street from Helen Yi on Damen Ave. and they are legit. Their clothes and bags are amazing!
  9. Lucky girl! :smile: From what I've heard that's a terrific shopping area.....it's called Bucktown, correct? All sorts of unusual boutiques and places to eat. Thanks for your input!
  10. Yes! If you ever get a chance to visit, make sure you check it out. Wicker Park, which is right next to it, also has some amazing boutiques as well.
  11. Very lucky girl!! I just spoke with Helen Yi directly on Wedneday asking about paddies and she never mentioned the whiskey at 50% off :sad:

    But you deserve - give it a whirl for me :smile:

    ENJOY :tender:
  12. Thank you! When I called Saturday morning and inquired about the Taupe, James said they had just marked the Whiskey down and hadn't even put it back out on the floor...so it was just good timing I guess. I'm very anxious to inspect it....a little paranoid about the quality after getting it at such a great price, but I can't imagine them trying to pawn off a damaged bag on a new customer. Like lordguinny said, it's more than likely a return. I'll post pics as soon as it gets here!
  13. deb,

    Even if it is a return it is an awesome deal! $840 a gently used bag is a steal, especially for a bag that is hard to find and retails for over $1500. From the photos there doesn't appear to be any damage. I'm excited for you!
  14. deb,
    Actually, helenyi doesn't accept returns. So it's most likely just a lonely bag from the SS 06 stock. Congrats on the great buy!
  15. Good to know that....thanks Greendrv!! :flowers: