Helen Mirren proving you can look sexy at any age!!!

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2007
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    Aside from being a great actress, at 62 yrs of age Helen has it going on and sexier then ever! These photos taken of her at different periods in her adult life are from her new book entitled: Naked Came I

    Personally I think she looked good when she was younger but she also has been looking better with age!
  2. very classy and very beautiful!
  3. She looks great.
  4. I love how wonderful she looks for her age, she really does look stunning, and it's not because she and I share the same first name :P
    And I absolutely loved her dress she wore, for (pardon my lack of knowledge) winning best actress for The Queen
  5. She looks great!!
  6. She looks great!
  7. Lovely Lady. At one of the award shows last season she looked SPECTACULAR. I mean just great, better than some on the younger ones on the carpet.
  8. Lovely! I hope I age that well...:graucho:
  9. I adore her, she is stunning and truly a fab role model, pure elegance!
  10. She holds her age extremely well, very classy and confident, i love English women, oh women rock period !!!
  11. i love her she is my favorite celebrity..so beautiful, sexy, smart, sophisticated..a true role model
  12. I know this thread is old, but my friend owns a limo company and just dropped Helen Mirren off at her hotel in Harvard Square! He said she was very nice and she asked if there was a dive bar close by!
  13. DAMN!!!

    No one should ever have an excuse for a bad body
  14. putting my chips away....
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  15. damnnnnnnn girl, this women is 70 years old?:faint:
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