Helen Mirren Comments' on David Beckham ....

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    She says, "(He is) possibly one of the most beautiful men in the world.

    "If he had a role where he didn't have a big, long speech, maybe a silent role, I think he'd be wonderful."

    I wonder if Beckham would agree to this, she should have said that to Keanu too.....:graucho::graucho:


    source: CelebrityWonder.com - The Latest Updates
  2. She's right about him being beautiful, he's sooooo stunning!
  3. :yes:
  5. Hahaha poor Becks & his voice. I was completely shocked the first time I heard him speak! Not what I was expecting at all.
  6. :roflmfao: Yeah, its a little off! That wasn't very nice of her!
  7. Ha, i guess some people just look good, and thats it ! :p
  8. I've never heard him speak before and by the many post in this thread, I shouldn't be in a rush to hear him anytime soon... :push: :nuts:

  9. lol, me too..
  10. he sounded like a mouse :p
  11. Was she dissing his voice? lol She's right, the voice doesn't match the body/face! But I'm used to it, when you're that good looking, who cares about the voice!
  12. I was expecting him to sound like Fabio, now that would've truly been awful!!!
  13. He sounds fine IMO. The accent doesn't hurt either. I'll take him happily.
  14. Yes he looks good that's it, he hasn't a clue when he opens his mouth or how to treat his wife!