Helen Ficalora

  1. I have read a couple of posts on tPF and elsewhere online about Helen Ficalora's charms. Just wanted to take a second to add my .02!

    My fiance (with a little direction from me!) ordered me 3 charms from Helen Ficalora for Christmas! He said the lady he spoke to on the phone was wonderful! My charms came via FedEx, beautifully packaged in a pink cloth gift bag complete with tissue paper. The box was wrapped with a lovely ribbon. Very chic. The charms themselves are just adorable. There are two white gold and one pink gold, to wear on my pink gold chain.

    She also has lovely rings. I'm considering one for my wedding band, and will be making the trip to Beverly Hills in the next couple of months to visit her store.

    Anyway, if you're considering a charm or two from Helen Ficalora, I would highly recommend her company!
  2. So glad you had a positive experience! I have had a Helen Ficalora charm for about a year now, and I wear it every day. Her alphabet charms make lovely gifts. Plus, Helen is such a lovely person and really goes out of her way to help you pick items that perfectly suit you.