Helen Ficalora jewelry not on her website

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  1. I know there are at least a few fans of this jewelry out there... Does anyone own any of her jewelry that is not listed on her website? Can you tell me about it? I've heard that her store has so much more than what her website shows, but no one's really talking about it. I'm especially curious about her earrings, but honestly, I'm intrigued by her entire line, and since as far as I know, her jewelry is only available in NY, CA, and FL (but if anyone has contradicting info, please post that too!) I don't have a chance of seeing the inside of a store for quite sometime. So if anyone has anything to share, please do!

    She's so friendly through email, but I don't want to bombard her or her fabulous sales associates with random questions about what they have and what they don't, which is why I thought I would ask here.

    I'd love to see photos of anyone's HF pieces, even if they are on the website, if anyone here is willing to post. I'm just curious what's inside the big pink music box...

  2. Hi Kate,
    Yes I have always been so impressed by their customer service too! It makes the experience much more enjoyable that way.
    You are in a tricky situation because you certainly don't want to buy anything sight unseen! lol If I were you, I would just email them & simply ask if they can provide you with any additional photos of jewellery not on the site. The worst thing that can happen is they say no!
    I wish I could be better help.....I am a big HF fan, so I say go for it!