Heiress- Casey Johnson

  1. I was watching VH1 today and they featured children that are "Born Rich". Heiress to Johnson & Johnson fortune ( about 2 billion) Casey Johnson showed her purse collection... She has over 400 purses:nuts: She has quite a few Birkins. I was in awe and also surprised that none of her handbags are in dustbags. I guess you just don't care if you're that rich. :biggrin:
  2. lol money is no object! Must be nice. On the other hand the grandson was on Oprah the other day and does docu film stuff on rich kids, he admitted to wanting an inheritance, but at the same time doesn't seem so superficial.
  3. 400 bags!! wow. maybe she needs a new friend to share those with??:idea: :nuts:
  4. 400 bags quite nice, but with her fortune that is just a small piece of the pie.
  5. Wished I am able to see her bags collection!!!!
  6. Wow! Sad I missed it. Her maids should have put them in dustbags. LOL
  7. Her brother was on Oprah last wek, he makes films about the Elite billionare life...quite interesting. (and sad at times) He was a nice guy though.
  8. i saw that too! the metallic magenta balenciaga is the one that jumped out at me, but those bags deserved their dust covers!
  9. Hey, what does she look like? the heiress of Johnson & Johnson? Is she typical like Paris Hilton hairess? :P
  10. ^^^ She's a bit older than Paris, she's 26 and of course good friends with the Hilton sisters. Casey makes Paris and Nicky look poor! She's to inherit 2 billion :lol:
  11. any pics?
  12. Yes pictures anyone? Man, 400. . .lucky :sad:
  13. I saw that Oprah show with the brother. I have no respect for that guy. He would turn on his own family to get some publication, yet the bottom line is he is still waiting for his share of the inheritance... what a hypocrite!!
  14. btw here is a picture of the lucky girl with 400 purses!
  15. ^^^She's very stunning. I wish I had her looks and collection. hehe