Heidi's Chanel Bags from the Hills

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  1. Okay I know that there is probably a thread already started about this exact topic but I could not find it. Can you Chanel experts (because I am not one) which bag she had been carrying the black one and then which one Spencer gave her for her birthday? PLEASE I love both and can't find out any info on them. Also if anyone has pictures of those bags that would be great!!! Thanks so much! TIA!!!!
  2. yep lilo is seen with one!
  3. Thank you all so much! Do you know the one she carried before that episode? It was black too! Thanks so much!!
  4. Haven't seen the show, but alot of girls here said it was the GST? Try searching the forum!
  5. Heidi has the GST and the soft chain hobo she recently recieved as a gift from mr. looser
  6. So do you think there is a thread on that specific title GST? Thank you so much for giving me this info! I have to agree with the MR LOSER part! LOL!
  7. ^^ yep heidi was spotted carrying a black soft and chain hobo bag at a horse race quite recently. lilo is spotted with the exact one a few days ago, posted in the chanel ref. library for those who are wondering!
  8. any idea of the price of this bag? its to die for!
  9. Thanks you all are the best! I am still curious about the old Chanel Bag she carried before that one too! I think someone called it a GST?
  10. $2350 before tax for the lambskin soft and chain hobo bag.

    yes, she was pictured carrying the GST - grand shopping tote from the classic timeless collection.
  11. Heidi also had the large black cerf tote with gold CCs. :biggrin:
  12. please join the existing threads about this topic, Thanks!:biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.