Heidi: Spencer's Not The Only Fake

  1. LMBO!!!

    Posted Aug 15th 2007 2:34PM by TMZ Staff

    [​IMG]"The Hills" attention-whore-in-chief Heidi Montag got a serious rock from her, uh, beloved fiancee, Spencer Pratt. But it looks like the bling is about as "real" as all the *****fighty drama on the MTV series.

    As you may have seen, not-so-big-spender Pratt asks to borrow pal Brody Jenner's credit card to buy the engagement ring -- slow week with no tabloid photos to sell! Princess Heidi's engagement ring was purchased from the Ice Accessory store at a mall in Brentwood. Spencer ultimately picked out what looked like a pink diamond surrounded by diamonds, and even crowed that J. Lo and Kobe's wife Vanessa had identical ice, and that Heidi would need "a GPS device" for the ring in case she lost it.

    One problem: Heidi's ring is a big fat FAKE! Sources tell TMZ that the pink diamond is really a lavender, lemon amethyst! The ring is surrounded by diamonds and the ring retails for $2,890! Not exactly chump change, but definitely a little low-rent for Jenny's block -- or ring finger.
  2. I saw this episode. I can't *stand* Spencer. How cocky he is when he ripped up the receipt. That doesn't even seem like the kind of store where you'd buy a serious engagement ring, it looked like a normal boutique!

    Besides, when he was talking to Brody in his car he said he needed to borrow Brody's CC for about 100,000. LOL. $100,00 my a*s.
  3. LOL, too funny. The Hills is a total GP of mine :smile:
  4. I agree.. ICE is more of like a trendy accessory store.
  5. That's pretty lame that he tried to pass the ring off as a $100,000+ pink diamond, but at least it was a genuine amethyst and diamonds and not a cubic zirconia!
  6. poor heidi she's in for a ride!!
  7. Well Hey! Just think of it this way! By the time Heidi and Spencer are over, they'll have enough material to write a book!
  8. Broke-a$$
  9. Are Spencer's parents really rich? I'm wondering what job a 23 year old can have that would allow him to have such a nice apartment and drive a high-series BMW.

    BTW, the "art" he surprised Heidi with in their apartment was HIDEOUS. Just shows, money is not always synonymous with class.
  10. I think that is so funny.

    I am a pink diamond girl, and I would be mad if my hubby gave me a fake ring.
  11. It's not that the ring is fake. I am sure its a real amethyst...just not a diamond. Well they say 2 months salary and since he doesn't work, Heidi-ho should be happy she got anything. BTW, Chicklet mouth's dad is a dentist. You would think he would fix his teeth.
  12. ^If he passed it off as a diamond and it isn't, then it's fake to me.
  13. Wow...that would piss me off. If my husband said it was a pink diamond, but knew it was an amethyst, then I would be pissed, but if he said it was an amethyst and just thought I'd like it more than a diamond, then I obviously wouldn't be angry.
  14. Seriously though, who buys an engagement ring from a store like that? For crying out loud, why not go to a store that specializes ONLY in jewelry. There were purses and belts and other random accessories hanging around that store. That's the kind of store where a wealthy person would buy jewelry to wear for fun.
  15. L:huh:ks like a fish, smells like a fish... must be a fish.. and apparently a CHEAP arrogant one tOO!! UGh... he makes my skin crawl. :sick: