Heidi, Seal & Their New Baby

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  1. [​IMG]Heidi Klum and hubby Seal take a laid-back approach with their newborn son Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel (born on Nov. 22), who joins brother Henry, 1, and sister Leni, 2, during a recent family outing in Los Angeles. "It's never boring or quiet in our home, but we are truly blessed to have three healthy children," Klum tells PEOPLE. "This is what Seal and I have always wanted: a home filled with children's laughter
  2. Awe
  3. Cute!!
  4. Cute picture!
  5. [​IMG]

  6. UGH! They are really all too gorgeous!
  7. They are such a happy and cute family :heart:333
  8. Cute pics.
  9. I LOVE this family!!! SO CUTE!!!:love:
  10. Awwww!
  11. What a wonderful family. They seem to be made for each other! Small Johan is really cute, just like Leni and Henry.
  12. They are too cute!!!
  13. Thanks for sharing
  14. aww, those were really cute pictures of their family.
  15. What a cute family!!!!!