Heidi, Seal & The Kids @ The Pumkin Patch

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  1. [​IMG]

    Seal chaperones – while pregnant wife, Heidi Klum, snaps one for the family album – as children Henry, 1, and Leni, 2, get saddled up at a West Hollywood pumpkin patch on Saturday.
  2. This family is soo cute!
  3. They're so adorable!!!
  4. cuties
  5. I:heart:them!!!
  6. Awwww!
  7. They are such a cute family. When is Heidi due?
  8. Heidi looks great! And her kids are cuties!
  9. Adorable Family...
  10. They're so cute! :heart:
  11. They really seem like a perfect, normal family. I hope they have loads of children and years of happiness together. :yes:
  12. 21st century family. They look happy- good for them!
  13. i :heart: heidi klum she is so beautiful, i'm glad she found a good man.
  14. Soooo Cute!!!!
  15. Nice pics
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