Heidi Photoshoot

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  2. So gorgeous. I like her. Thanks for posting.
  3. she's adorable!
  4. I love Heidi!!!!! She is just so beautiful. She looks like one of those people who can just walk into a room and you feel happier. My favorite pic would have to be the one were she is throwing the boxes.
  5. Is it a photoshoot for Tiffany & Co.? She's so cute, I love Project Runway!
  6. heidi is my favorite VS model. also her kids are adorable. love her project runway show.
  7. As usual she looks cute!
  8. Looks like it is for Tiff's.........
  9. Gorgeous as always.
  10. It's for Douglas cosmetics. Douglas
    Their logo is the same color blue as Tiffany's (almost). You can see their name on the ribbon in the photo where she's in the yellow shirt.
  11. Ya its for Douglas,she has been advertising them for a while now.
    I belive Tiffanys have more subtle ads-LOL!
  12. Radiant :heart:
  13. I love Heidi, and my favorite picture is the one with her in the gown ripping open the present.

    (Great pictures!)
  14. She looks very good and she has a beautiful smile!
  15. Pretty Heidi! I love her :love: