Heidi or Quinn?


Should I buy the Heidi or the Quinn?

  1. Heidi

  2. Quinn

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  1. Please help me decide! I really like both the MbyMJ Totally Turnlock Heidi Bowler and the Quinn, but which one? I plan to get it in the color stone, regardless of which one I choose. Thanks for your help!

    Here is the Heidi:

    And the Quinn:
  2. I prefer the Quinn. There is just something about the Heidi that is a bit too plain for me.
  3. I love them both in pix, but the Quinn gets the vote IRL.
    The Heidi is very wide and the Quinn definitely seems like a more "balanced" bag size-wise, and the design is gorgeous with those straps that extend down the sides!
    Regardless of which you pick, STONE is the best color! I love it!!
  4. Quinn is hands down the better looking bag IRL. It has a better symmetry and balance about it. Good luck with your decision.
  5. I am going to vote the Quinn...I think it's more roomy and versitle...nice colour!
  6. Quinn, definitely!
    I was just at the MbMJ store trying on bags, and I loved how the Quinn looked on me--it's got nice proportions and is a good size. I had to leave her at the store though, because it didn't fit a school binder. :crybaby:
  7. Hmmmm, I guess I need to go look at them again. I tend to be drawn to the Bowler shapes, so I was first leaning toward the Heidi. I tried that one on IRL. I can't remember if I tried on the Quinn.
  8. I looooooooooooove the Quinn. It's one of my most favorite MBMJ bags to come out in a long time.

  9. Quinn, i have the Heidi in black and i hate it.
  10. Why is that? What do you hate about it?
  11. They're both darling but I voted for the Heidi because I always prefer bowler-style bags. Good luck with your decision!
  12. ^Yeah, me too. I tried them both on yesterday, and I definitely prefer the Heidi for me. The Quinn is too long (north-south wise) for me. I prefer more east-west styles, like the Heidi. I don't like the bag to hang too low on me. And I personally think that the Heidi is cuter. Now I just need to find one on sale...

    There were 7 votes for the Heidi, but it seems only the Quinn voters voiced their opinions - LOL!
  13. Heidi.
  14. Quinn ... of course!