Heidi on the Cheap - video

  1. Yeah...they are just total whack-jobs. I mean what is she trying to do?? At least Lauren was honest and said that she doesn't want to become a singer/actress from the Hills...she was blunt in saying that she has no talent and isn't going to try...

    Heidi and Spencer are just trying to hang on to their 15 minutes of fame...no matter what they have to do.
  2. ^^(sorry about that little rant, but they really make me mad!)^^
  3. Where do I start??? I found the fisherman on the side more entertaining. Was anyone just secretly wishing a whale would of mistook Spencer for a seal? You know like you see in nature programs? They just sweep out and swallow them whole? No disrespect to seals.
  4. Me too! He was completely ignoring them! That must've frustrated Heidi, LOL! :lol:
  5. :lol: This video is too funny...yes, the fisherman was the best part, completely ignoring them, which is what the whole world should do! They can't be seriously thinking of releasing this..Haha!! Love it!
  6. LMFAO! :roflmfao::roflmfao: For the sake of all Human's on Earth, she needs to just stop now.
  7. Gawd.............pleaseeeeeeeeee..nooooooooooooooooo..my eyes, ouch my eyes and ears!!!

    Seriously..what the hell is up with her arm movements! we know she's not singing, and even if she was, its not like shes singing high notes ala Mariah Carey or Xtina(hence the arm movements).

    She's probably gonna make a sex tape as a last resort((but eeeww..who would want to watch?!?!I wouldnt watch it even if u paid me!!!)))
  8. Oh my goodness, what are those moves she is doing? Really not sexy, just looks like she is trying too hard. She can do better than that!
  9. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG no way... She looks so unnatural it scares me. Looking at Spencer makes me laugh. I really hate him!! He scares me. Anyone remember the look he gave Heidi when she painted their wall over. He looked like he was going to kill her.

    I LOVED the ending with the fisherman. That was priceless. I wonder if they asked him to move and he declined. lol
  10. WTF? That was so ridiculous! That song (from what I could hear) really sucked!! They are so unbelievable!
  11. Oh My! Maybe not a hit!!
  12. They aired the song on Ryan Seacrest's morning show on KIIS FM and the song is HORRIBLE!!! The song just ends...like it cuts off completely. Even Ryan did not know what to say after the song was over....Yeesh!!

    As for the video...well..I never knew that a blonde girl in a skimpy bikini with fake boobs could be so BORING and BLAH! Not inspiring at all *which is what the song was supposed to be according to Heidi - inspiring*

    They both just need to go away already.
  13. more like:"My boobs are getting wider and wider" :rolleyes:
  14. Oh my goodness. This is bad, really, really bad!!! She looks like a ten year old trying to be sexy! She wasn't pulling those moves off at all :yucky: