Heidi Montag's Hermes Kelly Bag on the Hills Premier

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  1. Does anyone know the color and size of the Hermes Kelly bag that Heidi Montag carried on the seaon opener of the Hills last night? The bag is to die for, and I could not tell the color of it on the tv screen. I know she has a Hermes Blue Lagoon kelly already, but this was a brand new netural looking color. Please someone help.
  2. I was just thinking the same thing...but I have to say that I hate wanting what she has...Good luck!
  3. 35 CM Poussiere, not sure if I spelled it correctly. It is from the Beverly Hills store.
  4. Wow! I was just gonna post the same question! I love love love the bag..but I reallllyyyy don't like it on her..I think it doesn't suit her at all!:nogood:
    Just an opinion..:upsidedown:
  5. Thank you so much Mr. Posh spice for the answer. I just dont think the color suits her at all, I could see her with the orange one, I would rather have orange as well. I thought it was 40cm. By the way, does anyone know the price?
  6. I think it's around $8300...I agree, she should be wearing a fun color
  7. I laughed out loud at this episode! First, they have her walk in with the Kelly prominently on the arm that is turned to the camera, then she and her companion proceed to sit down on a loveseat .... at that point they both place their bags on the coffee table, fronts of the bags totally facing the camera in case - horrors - there is one viewer out there who might miss the fact that Heidi has an Hermes. I swear, it seemed just like sitting at a lunch counter and putting your Kelly bag in front of you, facing the server, where your plate should be! I don't even know what kind of bag the other girl had, but gee, the producers sure wanted everyone else to know.

    Tacky product placement. It was like Lisa Kudrow in "The Comeback" all over again, except that was a joke, and, sadly, although a lot of crap on the Hills is fake, Heidi pimping out the Hermes Kelly was pathetically real.
  8. I can't even watch that show.

    I'm about their age, and they make me sick, if I'm being completely honest.
  9. i hate heidi she just oozes fakeness and evrything about her screams nouvelle riche!!!
  10. Ha Ha. Your are so right K Wittman, the scene was totally staged, and cheesy, but the the bag still looked good. Can anyone confirm if it was a 40cm it looked the same size as this kelly in orange.

  11. ^^^^That bag definitely looks like a 40 to me.
  12. I am not sure it was a 40cm. HM is pretty petite, and a 40 would have dwarfed her. I thought it was a 35 myself.

    It was definitely a lovely bag. There is just something jarring about seeing Hermes on this particular person's arm. Like she has it for every single wrong reason there could be. It's like when she endorsed one of the presidential candidates ... if I were that candidate, that would be the rare endorsement I would gladly hand to the opponent.