Heidi Montag's birthday bag

  1. does anyone know what bag Heidi received on this week's episode from spencer? i know it's chanel (it came out of a huge chanel bag/box) but i couldn't really tell what it looked like. all i know is that it's not quilted, its leather and has a short-ish chain strap. you can see it here: http://www.mtv.ca/tvshows/the-hills/index.jhtml or http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1573360&vid=186669 for US viewers. its in pt 2 (of 4) for the episode.
    i heard on the aftershow that it's worth $3600.. anyone?
  2. It's the large Soft and Chain hobo. I own it and the retail was $2350, not $3600. Did he lie to her about the price, because he definitely lied when he said it is the "latest style". It's from the Spring 2007 collection. Maybe he bought it at a huge profit - lucky seller if he did!!

    It's an absolutely gorgeous bag; the leather is so rich and "drapey". The only drawback is it lacks a base and has no stucture, so it has to lie flat or hang on something when not in use. If you set it down on a chair or car seat, it flops over into a heap. Other than that, it is probably one of Chanel's nicest designs.
  3. do you have any pics? i'd like to see what it really looks like... =D
  4. There are photos of mine in the Chanel Reference forum in the Soft and Chain thread - last post in the thread.
  5. Okay, I need clarification from diehard Hills fans. I was just informed that Heidi's 21st birthday bag was NOT the Soft and chain but the Modern Chain and she was seen wearing it on several celebrity sites shortly after her birthday. This person insists she is correct but I have never seen Heidi photographed with a MC tote, only the Soft and Chain, GST and Cerf.
  6. roey, I thought the bag in question is indeed the soft and chain, and NOT mc tote:confused1:
  7. Me too! I am trying to watch the video the OP posted but don't see anything pertaining to the bag.
  8. I just watched the video (had to go to a different episode from the one that linked above) and it is indeed the Soft and Chain hobo. I can see where it could be confused with the MC as the bag was completely stuffed when she removed it from the box, taking on that square, structured MC shape. However, there is no interwoven leather in the chain strap and no chain on the body of the bag.

    This person really had my feathers ruffled insisting she's a true chanelchicc. Obviously she is need of Chanel 101 training here on the forums!
  9. Roey – you look beautiful wearing the Soft and Chain!

    Heidi has also been photographed with the Ultimate Soft. Here’s a pic:
  10. I just saw the HILLS tonight, and she definitely received the soft and chain hobo. :smile:
  11. roey, you look so nice with your bag
  12. Yeah it was the soft and chain. You can watch at MTV.com
  13. Thanks for the sweet comments about my photo and the 411 on Heidi's bag! I think every purse lover should join tPF for the education alone!! No need to buy a thing; this is like advanced purse college for all ages!
  14. How practical is a hobo for Heidi's line of work?

    Heidi and Spencer annoy the heck out of me!
  15. Agreed! lol I myself have learnt so much since joining! :smile: