Heidi Klum's Sunglasses??

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  1. Can anyone help identify these sunglasses? She is always wearing them and I love them. They an aviator type, but a little more squared. Thanks!

  2. I read somewhere that she wears Michael Kors sunglasses but not sure if these are... sorry to not be more helpful
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. LOL, me too that's why I like these squared ones so much. I think it could be the Ray bans too, however a found a very strong possibility at the mall yesterday and they are the Oliver Peoples Farrell style. Too bad their 3x the cost of the Ray bans. I need to go and try the ray bans on and see if they look as good as the Oliver Peoples. Sunglasses, like jeans are definitely NOT something one should buy online without trying on :smile: