Heidi Klum’s ring!

  1. It's so hot!!!

  2. wow. how gorgeous is that?
  3. What type of stone is it?
  4. I'm guessing it's a Canary Diamond?
    It's so beautiful. . . . .
  5. Major bling!!
  6. It's pretty but I'm not a fan of Canary diamonds.
  7. Do not like yellow diamonds, but like the size (LOL).
  8. So whats the details this ring? It looks quite unique and I love yelow!
  9. Love it :smile:
  10. love it.
  11. i don't any details but it sure is beauuuutiful!
  12. don't like the color but i luv the size
  13. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it - both the ring & heidi!!
  14. Wow! That is stunning!
  15. It's stunning. Love Canary diamonds.