Heidi Klum's Purse

  1. I saw a pic of her with a camo purse. I can't find the pic to post. Did anyone else see it? I really like it and would like to have one.
  2. I wonder if its one of Michael Kors (check out BG, NM or Saks online). She's been seen carrying a lot of MK since Project Runway.
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Let me know if you find it!
  5. It's gotta be michael kors. He recently had a lot of camo bags out.
  6. That is it!! Thank you so much.
  7. You're welcome! Post pics if you get it - its really cute!
  8. I agree -- I like that bag a lot, and I normally don't go for camo.
  9. All of you are so helpful. I am really glad I stumbled onto this site.
  10. Yep, it's Michael Kors. Was looking at it myself at Macy's.
  11. I saw that in People and I knew it would be here on the PF :roflmfao:

    How about this Michael Kors? I love this one......
  12. It's a cute bag, for those very casual days....