Heidi Klum sued by VCA

  1. Hey gals,

    This is my first ever thread lol. I just came across this article and I think many of you jewelry lovers would like to read it. I was surprised when I noticed how Heidi's jewelry collection looked so much like VCA Alhambra line. It is more surprising that a respected woman in the fashion industry would do such a thing.


  2. I always was surprised by the similarities. It did seem like she was copying the idea, IMO. I am sure there are differences, I've never sat and studied the two lines, but they have the same idea and a bit of the same look.
  3. I know a lot of celeb designers just copy their favorite designers then slap on their own name... (Kate Moss, Olsen twins...) But this is just way too obvious. Van Cleef was the first thing I thought of when I saw her earrings.
  4. I always wondered how she got away with this.
  5. Finally VCA took action !!!:tup:....She should have been creative and come up with something rather than copy from others, i wonder if her jewelry will be withdrawn from the market
  6. This is sort of making me change my opinion of her. It seems so slimey...surely she should have thought about the similarities of her design.
  7. I had no idea,I've just got one of her diamond set clover leaf pendants,she said she saw the leaf all over the place in Rome,I belived it:confused1: unfortunately I love the design,and cannot really afford to take a stand by not wearing it,it cost me and dh too much,and I can't take it back as I have had it a couple of weeks and its been worn.If I took it back for the above reason I think the jeweller would tell me to get lost :shocked:
  8. I would like to add that VCA have recently sued overstockjewelers.com who also copy their designs....
  9. I'm not not suprised I knew this was going to happen sooner or later...
  12. She's not sitting down with a pencil and paper and designing jewellery, is she? I thought she had a real designer doing the work and perhaps she has an idea or two.

    I'm sure it's not her money invested that's making the stuff either. She sold her name... like Trump.
  13. sorry...copy/paste not working...trying to find a snapshot of each!
  14. [​IMG]
    OK...trying again...

    HK earrings (above)

    And a VCA Alhambra pendant:
    WOW! I never knew about the VCA line...very similar :shrugs:.
  15. I heard her say something like she's always liked clovers and wanted to incorporate them into her designs. I thought it was a crap excuse for making VCA inspired pieces. BUT, in her defense, I don't think the celebrities actually do the designs for these collaboration lines. I think they go in and talk to the designers about their "vision" and their taste, the designers show them sketches and prototypes and then the celebrity gets to approve the final product before it goes on the market.

    I dunno... I'm sure that she realized at some point that her pieces were VCA inspired and no matter whose fault it was, it was in poor taste to copy such a recognizable design :shrugs: