Heidi in The Hills - What is her bag's style?

  1. Hi there,

    my friend watches this show called the Hills on MTV every monday night and she said one of the characters (Heidi) has this black Chanel bag. She would like to get it but does not know the style name. Any one watches the Hills and is a Chanel expert?:shrugs:

  2. I watch The Hills! I shouldn't admit it though because it is faaaar from being quality television. Heidi carries a black GST (Grand Shopping Tote) with gold hardware. There are many threads about the GST if you do a search. It also comes with silver hardware. I am waitlisted for one . . . It was $1650 and is still $1650 at Saks I believe. I think that everywhere else the price has gone up to $1750 and may go up again. If you are planning on getting one, try to get one during spend some get some at Saks tomorrow.:yes:
  3. The style number for the bag is A20995, and it is the Timeless CC tote. It is around $1700. My girl makes me watch the hills and i just called about it cause mothers day is coming up.
  4. The one she wants is the A20995. Thanks Kiethaspen21. You are such a good significant other!
  5. gosh this is a long shot, but back in the first series of Hills, what bag did Lauren get from Jason as x-mas gift? I reall its a black tote also, was it GST as well?
  6. Hey Classic Chic, it's so sad that I know this, but the bag Jason gave Lauren for xmas is the Chanel "Medallion tote". I dont know the style # but do a search and u will def find info. Its part of the permanent collection I think and is def still around. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  7. Aaaah, does this mean your g/f is getting a pretty spiffy mother's day gift? I bet she'd love it!
  8. It was the black caviar Medallion tote.
  9. My mom will be, but my g/f is not a mother
  10. Anytime
  11. im so glad this thread got started- I was wondering the same thing!! how funny. im glad I know now, im visiting my local chanel boutique and I wanted to have several bags to give to the SA to find. thanks everyone!
  12. i love their bags! too cute!

  13. I had an SA at Saks search for that bag for me and he said there was only 2 in the company. In the black with gold hardware combo. And yup, it was only $1650.00. Man I want one so bad now!
  14. i went to saks chanel today and sadly, they told me that the GST are going to increase in price tomorrow. nooo!!

  15. it was the medallion tote. I'm not sure of the hardware though. There are photos of her w/ the medallion tote under the celebs w/ chanel thread