Heidi & Her Adorable Daughter Leni Shopping

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    heidi_1.jpg 90366_Heidi_Leni02_122_586lo11.jpg 90389_Heidi_Leni04_122_386lo22.jpg
  2. heidi is one gorgeous pregnant woman... she's always glowing. and her daughter is the most adorable ever... she's probably gonna grow up looking just like heidi.
  3. i love heidi&leni they are so sweet:biggrin:
  4. omggg she is soo cute!! Heidi looks like she is a great mom:yes:
  5. oh i love her and her daughter is soo cute. i wish her and her family the best.:yes:
  6. she looks great ... btw when is she due? ..
  7. just a lovely pic
  8. leni is sooo adoable!! Heidi looks beautiful as always
  9. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!:love: :love: :love:
  10. She looks great and her daughter is adorable!
  11. SO sweet! and Heidi looks glowing! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!
  12. How cute is her little girl?!!:love:
  13. so cute
  14. gorgeous!
  15. Oh my gosh, she's such a cutie! I love her little dress.

    Heidi and Seal's family is one of the cutest.