Heidi Clutch

Mar 7, 2008
I couldn't resist this clutch at TJ Maxx for $89.99. It's my first clutch, I've never used one and I'm still debating on keeping/returning it. I thought it'd be kind of nice to have something that's not so big to take to town sometimes. Of course if I keep it, I'll have to buy a card case for my license, debit card, and a credit card. My wallets are so big they take up the whole darn thing -lol- and I still have to fit the droid in and at least a lip gloss. Should I keep it?

The color is Teak:



bichons and bags
May 14, 2008
Nice bag and deal! Good neutral color and timeless style. You really cant go wrong with it unless you discover you cant deal with not having a handle of any kind. I use a Coach mini skinny when I can't fit my huge ass wallet . They are cuter and more versatile than a regular card case.

Sonic Peaches

Never Duplicated
Nov 30, 2006
Somewhere Festive
I think you should keep that bag-- it is quite classic and timeless! You can look for one of those thin metal framed wallets that are pretty much everywhere now or, like WithFrises said, go with a Coach mini skinny. Since it is such a classic I think you will regret it if you return it. If it were trendy, I would say to return it, but it is certainly a classic...


Miss Alexandria Pup
Apr 30, 2010
Very nice bag. I would keep it. Just downsize what you carry in it. You will be surprised how much "stuff" you can live without after you've carried it for awhile.
I find it easy to just tuck a clutch up under my arm and function with no trouble at all.
Enjoy your new purse!