Heidi and Seal's Family Holiday in Aspen

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  1. Celebrity Babylon shot these exclusive photos of supermodel Heidi Klum and husband Seal enjoying their traditional holiday vacation to Aspen. The family rents a house in Aspen every year, and gathers family and friends around them for the holidays. It's a yearly tradition and even the very recent birth of baby Jonah wasn't going to stop them from their snowy vacation.
    Heidi "The Body" Klum looks amazing after three kids in just three years, two with rocker- hubby Seal, and one with Formula One manager Flavio Briatore. Daughter Leni, is 2 years old, son Henry is one, and baby Johan is just under a month old. Klum, 33, says "We want a lot of children. (Seal) always says that he finds me the most beautiful when I'm pregnant." The German press has dubbed them "The Patchwork Family," and Klum, a native of Germany, likes the title saying, "I talked to Seal about it, and we're, like, it's actually kind of great- we're all different shades and we came together and we all love each other."
    The family also loves their Aspen get-away with Seal snowboarding every day and the little ones bundled up ready for a snowball fight.
    Click on the Celebrity Babylon Photo Viewer to the right to check out Heidi and her family on their Christmas vacation!
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  2. Cute family!
  3. They are one big, happy and beautiful family.
  4. How cute, Love them.
  5. I just love that family!!!!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Gorgeous family!
  8. In the first set of pics, yay for Dad handling 2 of the kids! Great family.
  9. love the pictures!
  10. They are by far my favorite celebrity family!!! They seem so normal! I am just waiting for something crazy to come out!!!:nuts: J/K :lol: