Heidi and Seal sing duet

  1. For anyone interested, this year's Heidi and Seal duet at the VS Show-


    I am NOT digging his outfit though!
  2. cheesy, but cute!
  3. Oh lord...Heidi sings now??
  4. I didn't like his outfit either...waaayyyy too sparkly for a man to be wearing...unless he is Michael Jackson, and even then it is to creepy!
  5. Yeah, but they're sooo darn cute it's almost disgusting. :biggrin:
  6. Heidi can sing? wow, Seal you really put it on her huh? LOL got her soaring to new heights.

    next thing you know, Seal is modeling the Victorias secret mens line
  7. Heidi has a CD out in Germany. I think they are the most adorable couple, I really hope they stay together forever.
  8. normally id find something like that nauseatingly sweet, but i adore those two :girlsigh:
  9. Way too cheesy and yes, bad outfit on Seal, but these two are in love and there is no doubting it! I love to see strong relationships in Hollywood b/c they are so rare. These two are joined for life and are lucky to have eachother. Gotta show my husband so we can work on our duet, LOL.
  10. Ohh, so cute!
  11. there a great couple :smile:
  12. They are so cute I want to scream! Her voice sounded beautiful... or whoevers voice that was
  13. they were so cute!!! Heidi's singing was more like background vocals, since you could barely hear her...
  14. They really make a beautiful couple!
  15. LOL seriously.