hehehehe.....GORGEOUS Chanel carryon!

  1. I found this stunning wheeled carryon masterpeice on ebay for only $125. I love how the telescoping handle has been "hidden away" behind a zippered compartment. What do you think?
    fake chanel.jpg fakey chanel.jpg
  2. I don't think that's authentic.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I was kidding! I guess I'm just not a funny person.
  4. ok, sorry, i wasn't sure. ;)
    i thought you were trying to be funny, but then i didn't want you to get scammed on ebay.
    i actually have a bag like that my mom got for us from Hong Kong, except mine is not "Chanel".
  5. I need one for my vacation.

    Please show me the link. No No ...I wasn't try to be funny at all.
    I love the idea.

  6. while we are on luggage...I have a black lambskin? carryon that I got from an estate sale where the shoulder strap had broken off but they had it repaired on the sides so you can't really tell. SO all it has are the hand straps which are a pain to actually lug this heavy piece of leather (not to mention when filled with stuff) around in an airport. Do you think Chanel could put a new shoulder strap on for me or should I take it to any bag repair shop? And I wonder where I could get a new leather strap to coordinate with the bag. Any ideas? I love the bag, it is so beautiful and want to use it more but carrying by hand is some serious weight lifting (good for my biceps I guess).
    chanel luggage.jpg
  7. $125? HAHHAAHAHAAHA I thought it was funny. After I gulped at the pictures :smile:
  8. OMg- If you EVER want to sell that bag, I'll buy it! Are you sure it's auth?
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. OMG Valley, if you were serious, I'd have to drive to your house and yank it away from you!
  11. I'm serious! I love it! It's saved in my pictures folder :shame: Is that weird? Maybe I should ask the sa's when I go to Chanel if they still make anything like that. Here's to hoping!
  12. I'd never dream of parting with this baby. I can't imagine it is not authentic as it is made so exceptionally well and the leather is incredible baby soft lambskin. Excluding a hologram which wasn't on older styles anyway all the usual Chanel details are there and the lining is burgundy. I know how to identify all the new stuff but with vintage I am lost. I do need to look into repairing the strap and the exterior zipper pulls are missing. I'd never consider a piece of designer luggage except for a carryon as I'd be too scared my bags and belonging inside them would turn up "missing" in the airport!