Hehehe....Todays my birthday....and I got a present from LV :)

  1. Wow :smile:

    Its almost my one year anniversary with tPF!

    Can you believe it??
    I cant........hahaha
    And, today (10/07) is my 13th birthday :smile:
    And I got all As on my report card
    Its a triple whammy :smile: lol

    Guess what I got :smile:

  2. ooooh happy birthday!!!! and congrats on the straight As.

    hmm what could it be. i haven't been keeping track, but did you get your mc trouville yet?
  3. Aw, Happy Bday girlie!

    Cant wait to see pictures or your goodies!
  4. ^lol.......thanks


  5. Happy 13th!!! I can not wait to see what you got!!! Where you running to the PF to show us?? (I do that sometimes and Im 38!!) lol
  6. Guys, I have to go to dinner (yumm.........Thai)

    Ill leave you guys in suspence :smile:

  7. YES! That is EXACTLY like me :smile:
  8. :wlae::party::yahoo: happy birthday!!! ahhh to be 13 again...im glad you got such a cool present...and i hope there were many more!!! have fun...send me a piece of cake? lol
  9. maybe a speedy? let us see!
  10. Dang, eat dinner fast girl.

    Same here though. Im on my blackberry at dinner, so I will check in soon.

    I bet its something AZUR!
  11. oo happy birthday! what is it?? come back now!
  12. Hurry, hurry! I can't wait to see...:popcorn:
  13. Happy Birthday! :flowers:
  14. happy B-day lil gurl:yahoo: now show us what you got?

    saleya, vatignoles, speedy of some sorth???
  15. Happy Birthday! And congrats on the grades- keep it up, girl! What did you get??