HEHEHE!!N I am laughing so hard right now, look what happened to Lindsay!

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  1. I could see her poor Birkin begging to be stolen...please take me to a better home where I'll be appreciated not stuffed full of junk and taken to the beach!!!!;)
  2. lol,.. I know, spoiled little brat!! Hermes should ban her for this! How could they sell this bag to this little girl!!
  3. That is just sad...I really have a hard time wishing that on anyone.
  4. I bet her Birkin picked up it's dainty little feet and wandered off frantically in search of a new home. RUN BIRKIN RUN!!!
  5. Apparently Kaiser Karl isn't too thrilled with her either. She ran to the ladies room 20 times when she was at some fashion dinner with him. Don't think he'll be lending her anymore dresses:P

    I see women at the grocery store who leave their bags unattended in the cart and I want to shake some sense into their stupid heads! How dumb can you be and at an airport. With all the security at the airport, what were the thieves thinking?:rolleyes:
  6. I would just die. That is awful!
  7. Kellybag I wouldn't wish this on anyone either but this brat needs to learn a lesson
  8. That's awful! I have recurring nightmares about having my bag stolen; I wouldn't wish it on anyone either!
  9. Me too. If I'm travelling with a Birkin filled with jewellery & medication, I would not let the bag be out of my sight. Isn't it common sense?? :confused1:

    Anyway, this is just awful - I seriously doubt she could get her stuff back.
  10. DH said Hermes proabably dispatched their special forces team to rescue the bag after they saw the pics of abuse LiLo was inflicting on it. :lol:

    Seriously, I wouldn't wish it on anyone either but after the pics of that poor Birkin on the beach...:Push:
Thread Status:
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