hehe... I'm rubbing off on DH...

  1. today when we were shopping at macy's there was a gal outside the fitting room w/an inferno gioco and I saw it, but didn't say anything... and then we walked by again and DH says, hey, she has an inferno!!!!! me: :wtf:

    and the gal kinda looked up startled, but we had already kinda passed by....

    I think it's so cute he knows the prints!!!! but then, inferno is his fav.... :nuts:
  2. Awww, that is cute! lol That;s weird to hear a guy just point something out with the right name and everything.
  3. yeah, that was what caught me off guard. if he had just said 'hey, she has a tokidoki' then I wouldn't have batted an eye.... :yes:
  4. hahaah how cute! :smile: it's so funny to hear the 'trained' men stories on the forum...;)
  5. haha... yay for trained men! my bf is starting to get to know names... he usually just says tokidoki but he knows paradiso and inferno now ^__^ paradiso because i kept wanting that print and inferno because that's all i kept finding at the time... pirata is still the pirate one tho but close enough
  6. hubby & i went to see 300 lastnite & he pointed out someone who had a pirata bag. it was a proud moment...:yes:
  7. how nice buttrpecan1 :biggrin: ...haha im usually the one pointing out the tokis to my bf hahha....
  8. This morning my husband was in the next room when I was talking to Pulse on the phone. After I had hung up he came into the room and asked me if I got a ciao or a ciao ciao! He was listening and some of it sunk in!
  9. How cute! My dh does not know the names of the print. Only Tokidoki. The kids however recognize the different prints, especially the Pirata, their favorite.
  10. nice!!! :girlsigh:
  11. I just quizzed my husband...so yes, he knows the print names (well, the prints I have). But I know he doesn't know the style names...yet.

    Heh, that was fun. "Um...pirata...inferno, that one's easy...foresta....and...citta?" :woohoo:

    Edit: I bonus questioned him, what's the new print? He failed, he thought I was talking about spiaggia. "Amore? I knew thaaaat one!"
  13. That rules. :smile:
  14. Awww, u guys have ur men trained! My bf can tell the differences between real and fake purses (for the most part) and Im happy with that. Anymore knowledge and he'll expect me to know about car stuff and their names:sad:
  15. hahaha... i showed this thread to my bf and he pointed out that he got me on shoe lingo also a little bit :p