hehe, I turned my sis over to the tokidarkside!!

  1. So I went to my sisters house Saturday and brought along my Spiaggia Mamma Mia. She took one look at it and said she wanted one! So we went to the mall (Mission Viejo) and to Macys and they didn't have a MM of course but a BV, so she got that instead and with my 20% off coupon!

    HAH! Another one converted!! :graucho:
  2. that is awesome! soo funny cuz I Just converted my sis to the darkside this weekend at Macy's too! hahaha the pirata did her in....
  3. *chants* One of us...one of us...:lol:
  4. :devil: Spank spank! Notti notti! LOL .. but welcome her regardless.
  5. Thats cute, I introduced my boyfriends sis into it and they're hooked!
  6. The dark side. hehe.

    I didn't introduce my sisters to toki, but we all have toki stuffs (including Mom).
  7. my sister stepped over as well, this past weekend. my mom wants a tutti zucca. it's adorable.
  8. my sister says I have this knack for getting other people to buy stuff they normally weren't planning on...........funny that does happen alot!
  9. Ive never turned anyone on to toki yet

    but perhaps one day so i can feel less guilty myself!!

    can anyone PM me the approximate release dates for the next few prints

    im interested in tutti and vacanze

    id be getting to from a dept store
  10. LOL the darkside.
    i just converted my best friend into a tokidoki lover too, but now shes even worse than me! :sweatdrop:
  11. the evil thing about tokidokis is that you can NEVER stop at just one! lolx
  12. Welcome to the toki side.. . . hehe.
  13. LOL Newcomers are definitely welcomed!! :smile:

    I got my sister into the "darkside" with the inferno print :lol: But she's young, so her inferno MM is good enough for her.

    This reminds me of the David & Goliath/Stupid Factory shirt that reads "Come to the darkside.. we have cookies" :lol:
  14. *BOWS* Oh .. so so true ....

  15. I LOVE THAT SHIRT!! They sell it at Journeys