Heh? What is up with Shopbop's Customer Service / Price Match Policy?

  1. Has anyone successfully gotten a price match from Shopbop.com?

    I found on their website a lovely Demylee cashmere sweater that was $35 cheaper on NBC.com's store (of all places, I know...Google's great). It was the same size, same color, in stock.

    The CS rep at Shopbop was snippy and said they only price match "select boutiques" before hanging up.

    Jeeeez. What does it take?

    RevolveClothing.com can have my business. Free shipping? Coupons galore? Price matching? Coupon matching? Free return shipping? Oh, please, you spoil me! :flowers:
  2. That was not nice... Online boutiques should be careful when they hire CS because they really make the difference in customer's preference...
    So what are the "select boutiques"? Perhaps they should post it on their web site?
  3. Yeah I feel like Shopbop.com's CS is snooty at times. They RARELY ever have coupons, so I am sure they are not willing to try to get a coupon match.

    I LOVE Revolve clothing as well. I will ALWAYS check them first and active endeavors, they both have great CS and free return shipping.
  4. I agree!! I love revolve and active endeavors! They are both great online site and so hassle free!!