Heels too high for shoes?

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I just got these Beatrix sandals in the mail. I TOTALLY love the style and the way they look on my feet but when I stand up in them somehow it just doesn't feel right to me. It feels like the heels are too high for the shoes or something. Its kind of hard to explain - its like my feet are pitched too far forward. I feel like taking them to a cobbler and having the heels cut down - but I would so hate to ruin my new shoes...

    Now I'm wondering - is it possible that they put the wrong heels on these shoes? Or do I just need to wear them and get used to it? Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?


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  2. Ummm...I'd return them...
  3. walk around them in the house, you will get use to them. they probably feel like no other shoe you have ever worn before.
  4. I would say that if you feel uncomfortable in the shoes, and you don't like the way that they feel on your feet, you should return them otherwise they are just going to sit in your closet and you'll never wear them.

    They are very cute though.:yes:
  5. If they are pitching you forward then there's something wrong with the architecture of the shoe. I doubt you could reduce the heel height on these because they are a platform.....I'd return them if I was you
  6. Return them, a cobbler won't realistically be able to fix that without compromising the balance of the shoe. If they don't feel right, it's best to put your money towards a pair that makes you feel comfortable.
  7. Just by looking at the picture they look sort of off somehow, like the front curves too much and the heel is a little too long. If you can't get comfortable walking in them I'd just return them. I doubt a cobbler could do much to help.
  8. Completely agree. :yes: