Heels that cut the Ankles :[

  1. Is there anything I can do about that? Theyre cute and not too high, but they cut into the back of my ankles after a while and I considered throwing them out, but I just dont have the heart :[ I've tried wearing socks with them (tacky looking) and super glueing fabric to the back (lol), but nothing works. Any one else have this problem? What should I do?
  2. Maybe ask the shoes SA about remedies? Some places offer special cushioned stickies to the back. Or the ever so icky bandaid over the heel. My friend firmly believes on breaking in her shoes to the point of bloody wounds... but that's a bit extreme... it'll work out tho..Good luck!
  3. lol Ouch. Thanks may! Oh man, bandaids. I bought like an 1,000 pack just for these shoes, lol! They keep coming off though :/ Looking for some stickies now. .could've sworn I saw some around here. I dont know what theyre for but I might as well try them on my shoes, lol.
  4. I've had that happen to me before with heels.
    Take them to a shoe repair shop. They can do amazing little magic things with punches and stretchers to alleviate the area that rubs.
  5. I just bought the Kors Newton, the right side fits perfect, but my left foot is a little bit bigger so I wore them for the first time and it gave me a blister in the back of my foot..I did a quick search, because these shoes are just too hot not to wear again..try looking for Dr. Scholl's Blister Blockers, it protects and prevents blisters...Im going to buy them tomorrow :P good luck!
  6. i use bandaids or more often the "beauty is pain route." i'm one of wear it til you bleed camp. evenutally, you stop bleeding. :smile:
  7. I had the same problem recently with a pair of shoes and I managed to find some fab blister plasters, but I dont know if they're available in the US. They're like these clear cushioned plasters that stay on for ages without rubbing off like the usual ones do. They were called Compeed anyway in case you manage to find some because I definatly recommend them.
  8. Don't throw the shoes out, If the shoemaker cannot stretch the shoes enough, then a really good band aid might do the trick, eventually the rubbing will stop. How often will you be wearing the shoes?
  9. Thanks wicked, I think this is probably what I would need - http://www.footpetals.com/cgi-bin/footpetals/prod.html?mv_arg=Heavenly%20Heelz.


    It says "prevent blisters on your heels" which I'll take would include cuts. I basically just need something that would seperate the top-back of the shoe from cutting into my ankles while I walk.
  10. I'm thinking often, at least until I can find some cute slingbacks!
  11. Thanks Liz! I'm putting that on the shopping list as we speak!
  12. When my shoes do this (and for some reason Marc Jacobs shoes always do this to me) I wear them around the house with socks on for a while. This softens them,and after a while I can wear them out without getting chowed.

    Those footpetals products also look very interesting!!!

    I have a new pair of M by MJ shoes arriving tomorrow so I may just need them :biggrin: .
  13. i think dr scholls makes them, but i know someone in the foot care section does, these little sticky insole gel things that should work for you.
  14. Thank you ladies, thank you so much! This is great information, I've had this problem with my shoes for so long, and never took the time to try and find a remedy for it.