Heels that are a size too big..

  1. Would putting an insole work? Or would it look too awkard?
  2. I recently got Aldo's size 6 (I'm a 5.5). I bought the insoles & they didn't work :sad: . I think it depends on the heel and how much bigger it is. It doesn't look awkward at all =)
  3. thanks daffie!
  4. Using insoles for 1/2 size too big is one thing, but a whole size too big is another. I don't think insoles will be enough to fill them out...I've tried with no success. They'll likely still be too big (especially after they stretch out a bit too), and will be impossible to walk in. Good luck!
  5. I suppose you can put insoles or heel grips at the back. It works fine for flat shoes but for heels it was a nightmare to walk in (Aldo heels, one size too big).
  6. Well said. :yes:

    Also, if they are pumps, they may not look funny, but they will likely feel awkward.
  7. I'm having the same problem as well. I just bought a pair of black wood wedges that are a bit too big. I ordered a 7.5, and now I think I should have gone with a 7. I can walk okay in them, even though they are a half size too big, but I'm afraid they'll be WAY too big by the time I break them in. I don't want to go through the hassle of returning them either.

    What are some other suggestions of what I can do?
  8. i used insoles but they didnt work for me either.. esp after they stretch so i just started to buy my pumps a 1/2 size smaller
  9. Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I just picked up a pair of charles david peaks, but the heel keeps slipping off. It's essentially one finger's width too big....not sure if heel grips are good or if I should go half a size down. Wouldn't want to squish my toes though..! dilemmas!!!
  10. Hey!

    I'm absolutely in love with this pair of shoes from Karen Millen. I went to try it on, and, I'm normally a 6.5 or a 7 (so a 37 or a 37.5) but the whole company only has 36's or 38's left. I don't know whether I should get them too big or too small?

    They are peep toe and my toes weren't hanging over the edge of anything in the smaller pair, but in the bigger pair, the toe part wasn't gripping my foot at all and neither was the heel.

    Any suggestions?????!

    Thanks! Bini
  11. Insoles alone will not do the trick. Try inserting heel liners as well in areas that feel loose.
    I sometimes put heel liners both on the heels and the sides of the shoe to make them feel better. I do not like those "gel" heel inserts as they tend to be squished. I bought these cushioned cloth heel liners from wal-mart for about $1 and they really added the size.
    However, if the shoes need too much patching up, I'd move on.
  12. If its closed toe heel you can stuff the front tip with cotton balls so oyur toes hit further back. It worked perfectally for me.
  13. ^^ That sounds like a really good idea, I might try that in the future.
  14. I hate to be an old crank, but wearing shoes that fit is essential to keeping your feet healthy so you can continue to wear heels and pumps. If they don't fit, return them!
  15. Definitely. I share this mindset. Fit is so important in your shoes.