Heels getting too high?

  1. Saw this on the Zappos website -

    I can't possibly be the only woman shocked
    at the height of heels today... the 4 and 5 inch
    heels are not only painful but I see too many
    women tottering around on them trying to look
    sophisticated and failing to do so because
    the shoes are just too high...
    - Roberta Jantz

    I must say I do NOT agree with her. I think most women can easily wear a 4 inch (no platform) or 5 inch (with platform) heel if they just give it a little time and practice...

    Do you agree? What is your favorite heel height? Mine is 4 to 5 inch.

  2. I do have to agree with Roberta to a certain extent. There are a lot of women out there who clearly cannot wear that type of heal and make themselves look stupid while taking itty bitty steps and trying their best not to fall down and break their necks.

    I can't imagine that a 5 inch heel is very good for the foot, considering all of the weight and pressure that is being placed on the front of the foot. Maybe it depends on how heavy you are? I don't know, but heels that high hurt my feet. I think a 3 - 3.5 inch heel is a good height. Sure, there may not be that many sexy shoes in that height, but that's the level where I can walk the best in and my feet aren't in agony.
  3. I don't wear anything over 2 inches. I can't walk in them - I can't imagine anything higher! What if you twisted your ankle and broke it?
  4. Dusty, I stick to that height (if not lower!) if I'm walking around the city (all cobblestoned and difficult to walk in) :smile: The others are reserved for dinners out where I don't have to walk all that far!
  5. Well, medically speaking, heels are NOT good for the feet, back, knees or anything else. They can often lead to injury, and not by falling off of them! That said, I do like heels and wear them often, except I often wear wedges or high heeled clogs or thicker heels to keep the look the way I want. There's no denying that stilettos are sexy, but sometimes with a daytime outfit the wrong shoe can send an outfit from sophistocated to hooker-esque. NOT the look I am going for.

    Oh, and I agree that it takes some practice to walk well in higher heels. But many women simply don't want to learn that skill and that is fine. High heels are not the look everyone is going for, and they are impractical for many people with joint problems or a bad back.
  6. I'm with aspoint_girl on this. High heels, worn well, provide a stature and grace of movement that rivals ballet or figure skating.

    But you others are right, too - worn poorly, they are a comedy act!
  7. I understand how great these high heels make one's legs look and I would dearly love to get the hang of them but it is totally unrealistic for me. Here I've spent almost my entire career in the shoe business and I have huge feet (which is not unusual when you are 6 feet tall). I would see all the incredible original samples bought around the world and never be able to get a free pair as my size 6 counterparts would. When I wear 4 inch heels I look like Godzilla swatting away at mini skyscrapers and I am in constant danger of toppling over :TIMBER!!!! Heck it even happend to Tom Cruise's wife on the streets of Paris - LOL!
  8. I love my heels, don't get me wrong... wear them for work.
    But the minute I get home, I'll kick them off to change into my Gym shoes.

    Heels are fine, but I will never over-do them...
    we need our legs "healthy" to be able to walk, no health = no life.

    Especially since I love the outdoors and is highly active, my feet needs to be healthy or 10+ years down the road... my DH will be pushing me around in wheel chair? NO thank you!

    Answer: Moderation is the golden key!
  9. If you're trying to look sophisticated, then you're not sophisticated.

    I don't think sophistication has anything to do with heel height. There are plenty of women that look sophisticated in 2" heels and flats. It's all a matter of how you carry yourself.

    My favorite heel height is between 3" and 4". When trying on shoes, I think of if I can take standing in them long enough to have a short to moderate-length conversation with someone. If I can't (as in the case of the beautiful CL Lastic), then I sacrifice the look for my feet. Nothing like teetering like a tree about to fall over.

    I did learn how to walk and stand in them though. I started off with 2" and then worked my way up to 3" and 4". 8 years ago I looked stupid in 4" heels, which I only wore the one time at my sister's wedding. I wore them for the ceremony and that was it. Now I could probably do the ceremony again and not have my knees knocking the entire time.
  10. I work in an office and I wear a variety of heels from flats to 4".
  11. I'm in the same situation and wear everything from flats to 4 inch heels. Of coarse they are platforms so it's really like walking in 3 inch heels. But I think you get used to walking in heels...it just takes practice. I broke my ankle 2 years ago and I was wearing flip flops...how crazy is that.:crybaby:
  12. I always find it funny when women try to hard to wear heels. I see celebs like Victoria Beckham and half the time she can't walk in her heels. I am a seasoned high heel wearer and it does take some getting used to. I generally like 4 inch heels...only because I am already tall enough. I do own several CL that are 5 inches and I always feel fabulous wearing them. Besides on NYC streets you can use them as weapons if someone tries to attack you. LOL
  13. I agree with the Zappos reviewer, as she is probably not a high-heel wearer; there are few things more goofy-looking than someone wearing shoes that are painful for sake of glamour.

    I do not agree that most women can easily wear 4- or 5-inch heels, as to many this is not worth the "time and practice..."

    The prettiest shoe is not necessarily one with the highest heel.
  14. I have to weigh in here...

    I agree with the Zappos person's statement that heels are tending higher these days. What can I say? Due to overexposure to the media's oversexed version of womanhood, every aesthetic on the female form has been taken to an extreme. We lift, tuck, enlarge, remove, plump, firm with abandon in pursuit of an ideal that is unattainable without help, and we mistake it as "the norm". Higher and higher heels are just part of this movement.

    I'm aware of it and resentful of it, but damn it, I've bought into it, so it's too darn late for me! :s

    HOWEVER, depending on which niche media empire you aspire to, the Q of high heels being the epitome of sexy and chic may not apply. I'm of the camp that believes a woman's carriage and quirkiness and individualism are higher up on that scale of attractiveness than the formula that correlates heel height to sexiness. Yeah, the high heels and short skirt appeal to the caveman instincts of our male counterparts and are undeniably sexy, but I think a chic pair of flats are just as sexy... for the thinking caveman, I'll call it. Thankfully, BF USUALLY falls into this camp. :p But that could be because 5 -6 days a week, I'm in stilettos anyway and BF knows enough to tell me I'm always sexy!
  15. I have never seen that woman wear flats (or heck, smile for that matter). I read that she considers her feet to be the ugliest part of her body as they're always crammed into her high heels. Go fig. No one needs to wear heels ALL the time. She did look really stupid wearing those heels while throwing out the first pitch at some baseball game a few months back. She almost fell flat on her face and she would have deserved it. That incident I put in the "Not Normal" category.