Heels and short pants - do you like the look?

  1. Do you like the look of heels together with short pants? I have like just discovered it. I think they look pretty cute and fun together. Good for shopping at the mall of just strolling around town but I'm not sure this look would work for the office?

    What dio you think?

    Heels and cropped pants.JPG
  2. I like it! But I think in that picture, the girl is wearing it with cropped sports trainers? I prefer it with cropped pants or jeans. It would look really good when you go shopping! Not too sure about work though. It would be a little informal imo.
  3. I think it's fine for work with plaid wool shorts. But, I suppose that depends on your work environment!
  4. I LOVE this look! I think the cropped jeans paired with heels look is super sexy. When I worked during the summer in the corporate world, I wore dress bermuda knee-length shorts (like black, dress pants material) with bronze stiletto pointy toe pumps, along with some kind of conservative, dressy top (i.e. white dress shirt). I got a ton of compliments, even from my bosses!
  5. I think it's cute on the right figure type and right heel proportion compared to the pants length. Overall, it's tricky! Even with heels to lengthen my legs, cropped pants don't work well on me b/c my legs are so short.
  6. Haven't seen it in IRL, but I think it could be a nice look. The model in the picture was wearing workout pants, though, with her heels. Really, the only thing that is appropriate for those bottoms is a pair of sneakers. :s
  7. Not a big fan of short pants.
  8. I like the look with dressy pants! I think it would be a good look for work during the summer.
  9. In my opinion its a bad mix.
  10. I think I may have gotten this look right - what do you think?

    Ooops - pic is in my next post -
  11. Here is the pic - do you like this look?
    Andreas Lorenzis Red.jpg
  12. I love the shoes with something else, Personally, I don't like the combination of the tights & that style shoe @ all !!

    However ! I have styled something similar on people, who wore a huge over sized sweater on top (knee length with a belt,) that works for me, the less leggings you see the better IMP.
  13. ^^ Agree with Prada!!
  14. Like the look but not with the sport bottoms
  15. I think it would look good with the short were dressier if heels are worn. With more casual pants, I'd stick with cute ballerina type flats.