Heel wearing newbie - question on fit

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  1. I’ve always been a flat-wearing gal, but always admired the fabulousness of heels from a far. I finally decided to treat myself to a pair of pointy toe JC three inch pumps (Locketts to be exact). The toe bed is definitely “snug.” Being a newbie to heels though, I’m not sure how snug is too snug, or is there a stretch factor involved? Should heels feel relatively comfortable on the first fit, or give it time to “break in”? Thanks for any insight!
  2. Leather will always stretch out so a little snug will end up fitting nicely, but you want them to fit you right when you first try them on. If they have room in the toe box on the first try you will probably end up with a shoe that won't stay on your foot once you break them in, so I usually find a little snugness on the first try to be a good thing. On the other side, if they are really tight on the first try they might not stretch enough to ever fit well.

    Some people prefer a pointy toe shoe for comfort and others never find them comfortable. It always helps to try on different styles (round toe, square toe, pointy toe, etc) to see what works best for your foot shape.
  3. The first pair of designer shoes I ever bought were JC. I've had them almost a year now and after heavy wear, they haven't streched at all (eel skin, closed in). The Lockett ones you want, are they the patent ones? Because patent won't have much stretch at all, if any. Considering you are spending so much on a pair of shoes, I recommend you get the size which fits you comfortably now and not rely on the hope that they might stretch (especially if patent). I also recommend this based on the fact that they are very pointy, and you might feel alright wearing them for a few minutes when trying on, but after a few hours wear you would probably be in agony if they were too small and rubbing badly against your toes. Plus if they strech a little and you find them a bit too loose, you could always use foot petals.
  4. Hmmm... I might have to rethink these. I appreciate the insight. Thanks very much for both of your input! :smile:
  5. My advice is to buy somewhere where you can return/exchange :smile:

    And also try them on at home with carpet for a bit to see how they work for you. Many times I have worn shoes straight outside just to find they are killing my feet! Then it's too late.
  6. Very good advice - thanks! :smile:
  7. In my experience, pointy toes are much more difficult to wear than round toes, but it depends a lot on your foot structure - length of toes, foot width, general sensitivity. I think you shoud try several shapes and see which one fits best. A leather shoe should be tight all over at the first wear, snug, not painful, if you walk around in them at the shop for a minute or two, you should start feeling them right. There must not be any space between your heel and the shoe, they will end up sliding off your foot and you will have to walk with your toes grasping the shoe which is neither comfortable nor attractive...