~~Heel Protector's... Have you tried them??~~

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  1. Hi Ladies, I'm assuming you CL shoe guru's have heard of these I tried to search for a relating thread but couldn't find one here!
    Have any of you used these on you CL's? do you think they look silly or ruin the CL styling? or any good/bad experience with these??
    I need them for a wedding and as the weathers rainy I predict my poor loubie babies will suffer! Link to pics below!!

    Note to mods I am not the seller of these but these are the ones I was going to purchase, hope this thread is o.k!

  2. I haven't used them yet but have a couple pairs on order. I don't think they ruin the aesthetics of the shoe all that much, although the reviews I have read tend to say they work better for protecting from sidewalks cracks and grates than they do from sinking into the grass.
  3. I'm sorry and I don't mean this to be rude but I think those look horrible. I understand their purpose; I just think they are too obvious and don't look right on the shoe. From the photos they look quite large.

    I also think these have been discussed on here before but I'm not sure where.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I was going to buy them for that exact purpose to prevent me from sinking into the grass I guess I'll have to just bring some flats with me for the photo part!

    I don't take it as rude at all that's your personal opinion, some will like them to protect their shoes other's won't...would love to read the other thread about these on CL's if anyone can find it at all, as I couldn't!
  5. LittleGEM, I recently was in a wedding where we did a lot of photos on grass. The girls all ended up just taking their shoes off to save their heels from sinking in and getting filthy. Especially after rainfall, I'm not sure how much protection these would provide. Your idea of flats is a good one!

    I'll see if I can find that thread. It was either here in the CL forum or in The Glass Slipper.
  6. Thankyou meggyg8r :flowers: would love to read it!
  7. I think they are good if if you are running to a meeting (especially in Manhattan and don't want to change shoes). You can just slip them off before meeting clients but your heels are safe on the sidewalk.
  8. This is a good point--it would be great for something like that. I don't think I could wear them, though, when a lot of people would be paying attention to my feet. Running from place to place would be a good use for them, though!
  9. Thanks Meggyg8r, the ones JetSetGo posted look very unusual.
    I think I may purchase a pair of the sole mates to try them out at the wedding! and i'll bring my flats just incase :tup:
    ...These are a great idea for city walking Japskivt...the pavements afterall are our CL's worst enemies lol...
  10. Those would be an awesome idea to wear if you had to walk a distance like I did last weekend... the walk totally killed my heel taps. :sad:
  11. I got these at Bliss Spa on Lexington Ave

    I ONLY use them when I'm going to be on grass to prevent my heel from sinking. It works VERY VERY well. I never experienced my heel sinking not even in soft spots. They are very wide so I guess that may be why they don't sink.

    There are other companies that make these 3 - 4 inches long too. I love them and don't leave home without them.


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  12. ETA.

    I remember my mom used to wrap half of her heels in plastic wrap when she was going to walk on grass or when it rained so they didn't get damaged. I tried that a while back and it works too.