Heel insoles...

  1. Has anyone tried the Insolia inserts?


    I'm looking to find some good arch support inserts, but I'm having a difficult time finding any that are narrow enough to wear with heels.
  2. I have! I can't wear heels without them. but they really aren't arch supports per se, they just force you to place more weight on the heel than the forefront/ball area. They say on the back of the package that they are not meant to be cushioning or for arch problems. But seriously, I have them in most of my heels, because I can't wear scholl's (scholl's is to bulky for me or they really don't solve the problem.) The Insolias help in making heels more comfortable to walk in. Hope that helps out! Good luck!
  3. Thanks. Yeah, I definitely am going to give them a try. I still don't get the technicality of it and how it exactly shifts your weight.

    Do you find gel inserts to be better than "absorbable" inserts?

    I find that the gels don't allow your feet to breath and can get a bit slippery.

    ...Oh well, I guess we don't have any other choice.
  4. i know. that is a bit annoying. I think gel or absorbable inserts depend on the weather...both can get gross when its too warm:sad:. But the insolias are really like a gel, sothey aren't too bad. let me know how they are for you! good luck!
  5. i've tried them. if positioned correctly, they actually work well.
  6. sorry, i meant are not.
  7. yeah dr scholls are bulking...do they sell these at walgreens? or duane reade for any other new yorkers out there?
  8. ^ I'm not sure, but I would love to know too, since I'm moving out there to nyc soon. I get them at cvs, here in los angeles. Maybe the insolia site has retailers listed?
  9. They sell them at CVS. If you "comb" thru all the Duane Reade's in NYC, you will still manage to find some CVS's within the City! :p GOOD LUCK!
  10. As mentioned in my most recent post here, CVS in NYC have them as well. However, once you arrive here, you will come to see that the #1 chain pharmacy here in the City is Duane Reade, hands down! Tho CVS's are available, but you might have to look for one.