Heel height on Very Prives?

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  1. Are there height variations on different colored (or material) Very Prives? I've seen Neiman and Saks describe the heel anywhere from 4 inches to almost 5 inches? And if they are all the same height, what is the correct height for this shoe??? TIA!
  2. You're right. I just looked at nap and they have different height descriptions as well. I never noticed. I *think* it's 5" but with the platform it feels like 4". Hmmm....whatever the case they are pretty darn comfy!
  3. Really? I'm getting a pair but am so nervous about the heel. I'm pushing it at 4-inches, so I don't know how my clumsy a$$ will handle 5-inches!!! lol
  4. I think they are more comfortable than the 110mm Yoyos. I find the platform adds a lot of cushion so it makes it easier to walk in.
  5. the very prives are now available in 70mm heel at the horatio boutique. They just got teal ones in.
  6. VeryPrive_70_patent_peacock[1].JPG
  7. The more mainstream VP's have a heel height of around 4.75 inches. The newest reincarnation -- VP 70 -- is 70mm high and has a completely different silhouette. The 70mm version is also available at Saks, Barneys, etc.
  8. Thanks gals. I would love a happy medium between the two! Is that too much to ask?! lol