Heel height = comfort?

  1. I find that some of my highest heels are my most comfortable and some of my lower heels hurt like heck, has this been your experience too?
  2. no mine is the exact opposite lol
  3. Yes, I've noticed that. I think it has something to do with arcsupport if that is the right word. I've been wearing 4 inch Louboutin wedges all day without complications but yesterday I limped home after wearing 3 inch Jill Sander boots for 2 hours.
  4. See I am not the only one!
  5. I think a lot of it has to do w/ your muscular-skeletal alignment. For instance, every body is just a little bit different and depending on the height of the shoe, depends on how your body reacts; do your calves ache in some shoes while your thighs ache in others - that kind of thing.

    Personally, I can't wear a kitten heal; too clumsy. I trip and fall all the time. :shrugs: but I glide in anything 3, or 3.5 in.
  6. If you wear heels a lot, the tendons in your foot shorten to accommodate it. Then when you go back to flats, the tendons have to stretch out quickly and it hurts really badly. In that way, heels will become more comfortable than flats.
  7. I also have the same problem. I've been wearing 4in.+ heels for so long that not only do shorter heels feel uncomfortable, but I feel so awkward in low/no heel shoes. For example, I put on a pair of sneakers the other day and I couldn't stop tripping over my own feet, it was awful! But give me a pair of stilettos and I'm ready to run, very strange.
  8. I have to agree. Since I have been trying to wear higher heels lately (because I'm such a shortie - LOL) I find that some of my most comfy shoes have 5 inch (or even higher) heels. Sounds a little strange I know but it really is true! Guess it just depends on a girls shape or how she balances herself on heels?
  9. For me it's all about the angle of the arch. My platform wedges from CL and Chloe feel wonderful and they are like 5" tall overall.

    But my 3.5" strappy Cole Haan sandals *kill* :wtf:
  10. yeah, I think a big part is the arch. Mine is really high, which may be in part from wearing heels for so long, I duuno :shrugs: Sometimes I have a hard time fitting in some shoes that go over the top of my foot becasue my arch is too high and it makes my feet look kinda fat or something. :p:yes:
  11. The height of your arch is mostly determined by your physiology, not what shoes you wear. In a book I read about pointe, the perfect foot for the style is one with a moderate arch - one that, when pointed, makes a straight line from ankle to toe. This means that your arch can't be made more or less arch-y [unless you get pregnant, as it might flatten some]

    Wearing heels stretches your arch and shortens your Achilles tendon, which is why, if you wear heels a lot, wearing flats will make your feet hurt.
  12. I notice that..I've always worn flat shoes then I started wearing wedges and I have these taller Steve Madden wedges (about 4.5"). They're SO comfortable and I can even wear them to walk around the mall in. Then sometimes wear my flats (Chanel) and after awhile my feet start to hurt because there's pretty much NO cushion.
  13. Eek...Ballet flats have no cushion at all.
  14. Ugh I know. They're really pretty and don't USUALLY bother me all that much, but the other day, I wore them for too long I guess and my feet killed me. I had some wedges in the car though and once I changed, my feet felt SO much better.