Heel caps for Anouk

  1. Do JC come with replacement heel caps? I kept the box but couldn't find them in it and tbh I don't remember seeing them when I opened the box.

    One of the caps (only the rubber part) went missing and when I took them to a cobbler, he pulled them both out. But he said he couldn't fix for whatever reason, and now I suspect he might have broken them.....
  2. Looks like heel tips don't come with new shoes. Also JC would replace heel tips for £13 but you have to send them back to England and it takes up to 3 weeks. Shipping is free though.

    They can also replace the entire heel for £50 but as others have pointed out, it's made of plastic, so the price isn't really justified in my opinion if you just want to have a small part repainted.

    - Half leather resoling (£30)
    - Heel tips replacement (£13)
    - Insole replacement (£25)