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  1. I'm looking for pictures on vuitton man bags mini lin initials....
    Thank you!!!
  2. Are or dark brown or caramel... with lv painted and two painted bands...
    i have only few time to give an answer...:heart: :heart:
  3. You already asked this same question on another thread. We already answered.
  4. Yes it's here below but I'm looking for the different models in pictures and I'm still in search!!!
  5. Thank you, ... grazie!:yes:
    I'm looking for a model that is like a shopping (sac plat), not too big...
    Thank you.
    Stephanie:heart: :heart:
  6. I found it in collections sectors but I don't know whose it is. Here You are: :yes: In the middle
  7. :yes: You are an ANGEL!
    Thank you.:heart: :heart: :heart: