heeelp please...sold bag on ebay rant

  1. Hi ladies....I am in desperate need of your advice...:crybaby:

    So I sold a black metallic reissue on eBay recently to a gal in South Korea. I made the mistake of reading her feedback AFTER I accepted her offer. Turns out she'd bargained with another ebayer for another metallic reissue and never paid for it. Luckily, she paid after 2 days. But now she's asking me to ship it USPS Express Mail and declare its value at $150 and as a "used bag" not a Chanel bag...:wtf:

    I don't know what to do. Whether to honor the sale and do as she requests...I told her I'd do it but that if it gets lost or stolen it will NOT be my responsibility since it was a request of hers. I told her that her request breaks eBay/paypal rules (i really am not sure whether it does...). I just want this trasaction to go smoothly and don't want any problems with eBay/paypal. From what I know, as long as I do my job of sending the bag, my job is done right?

    TIA :heart:
  2. wow this is a bad situation. first and foremost, i don't think you should go against the rules. the value is DEF not $150, there's no way you should declare that. it's just too absurd. if she wants you to declare a couple of hundred bucks cheaper, fine - i'd give it to her. but that's just crazy. you could declare as 'a bag', it's all good but why 'used bag'? strange. i hope you send via express mail - it comes with registered tracking, am i right? you could track it online and see if it reaches her. she has to sign for it in order to get it, so there wouldn't be any scams unless the package wasn't signed for and USPS lost it. get her to buy insurance for it as well, if possible? it's an expensive bag. she should get it insured JIC!
  3. What's wrong with declaring it as "used"? I always ask sellers if they would mind marking things as used because it helps me with customs and it's not breaking any rules since the items are indeed used rather than brand new straight from the store :confused1: I do it nicely and before bidding but thankfully so far none of the sellers had a problem with it.
  4. I wouldn't do it. It's my policy not to lie on customs forms. Besides if the bag goes missing then you are out the bag and the cash. Tell the buyer you are sending it EMS with declared value at the price of the auction, and insurance for the full amount.
  5. Actually, if there is a problem with shipping, I'm pretty sure you would be the one to take the loss, even if you warned her and told her otherwise. Ebay/Paypal still holds the shipper responsible, I believe. I wouldn't do it at all.
  6. dont do it... this screams of potential problems...
    Especially USPS express, how can you insure the bag if you declared the value at only 150- you will loose in the end. Regardless if the correspondence states she will take responsibility of a loss or anything else, it is up to you to get it there..
  7. It just seems very shady. I couldn't let myself participate in that.
  8. I would go ask the gals in the ebay forum. They are all experts in this situation. Good luck, hope all goes well!
  9. First of all, it's your bag. When a buyer doesn't read my auctions in their entirety and bids anyway (such as a zero feedback bidder) or starts being difficult after the close of the auction by trying to change the rules, I refuse the sale. The feedback means less to me than potentially being frauded out of an expensive handbag/item. I am positive this woman will give you trouble whether or not you declare a lower/used value. She'll find something else to complain about once the bag arrives.

    Again, your bag, your money, your decision... you're in charge here, not her, and certainly not ebay.
  10. A seller needs to be protected if something happens to the bag during transit. I won't insure a used $2K+ bag for $150. I would insure it for the amount the buyer paid, nothing more or less. Insurance protects the seller, not the buyer, so it always amazes me when sellers put the cost of insurance on the buyer (though that's another tangent).

    If I am selling a bag new with tags and am willing to accept less then I insure for the winning amount when dealing with customs forms. In the US, I will insure for full value.
  11. I didn't say anything about under-valuing the bag or not insuring for full value. If the seller wants to declare the full value then that's completely up to them and is 100% understandable :yes: I said that I didn't see the problem with stating that it was a Used bag on the parcel - it doesn' break any rules (unlike, say, declaring it as Gift), it carries no risk for either party but it does help the buyer with the amount of customs and VAT they have to pay.
  12. gosh. thank you so much for your advice. so now what's going to happen to the ebay and paypal fees..?
  13. I agree. I want the item fully insured, of course... but if it's second hand, I would like the seller to mark it "used."
  14. I have asked sellers to send with low value. I always accept the risk. I'm not sure what the rules of paypal are with it, but if the buyer sends an email accepting this risk, I would say that would be enough?! To be sure, don't leave the money in your account I guess, so any chargeback will be useless. And make sure you have a tracking number. That should be enough for paypal. Not the insurance...
    I would say, if she has good other feedback, you will be ok, but if you feel highly uncomfortable about it, don't do it. Because she should have asked BEFORE she placed a bid!
  15. If you have decided not to go through with the deal, then when you refund the paypal payment, make sure to use the refund button and the paypal fees will be reversed. In order to get your eBay fees back you will need to file a non-paying bidder report and choose the option that buyer and seller have chosen not to complete the transaction. If the buyer agrees to the report you will be refunded your final listing fees. Your listing fees however are lost forever.