HEEELP! MC or miroir!?!?

  1. OK i'm getting ready to go to the boutique and I can't decide what bag to carry! I LOVE my MC alma..it's my pretty much everyday bag. I still think it's pretty eye-catching!

    But I also have my miroir paps. They've never been taken out and is this the day to do it?

    What will make people more jealous!?!?:roflmfao: That's the basic question!

    I'll check back before I go to see what everyone thinks!

  2. mirror papillion
  3. For sure the MIRIOR!!
  4. i think you've already made ME jealous cuz i wish i was going to the boutique now!
  5. MC Alma: classy and gorgeous:love: . I don't like the mirior line at all. It's way overpriced for what you get: shiny vinyl:yucky:
  6. Ok, i absolutely don't like the Miroir line and I love MC, esp. the Alma (have the black one) - but in this case I'd say: take the Miroir w/ you, they'll hate you for carrying one, lol. :p
  7. def MC, not a fans of miroir.. too flashy for my taste.
  8. yeah, the mirroir isnt something i would wear, but it would make everyone go "OH-LA-LA!!" :roflmfao: :p
  9. aw man. I want to go to the botique with you, id say take the mirior!
  10. Miroir, of course. ;)
  11. Miroir papillon!
  12. Miroir papillon!
  13. OK ladies we're ALMOST ready to go!

    My guy likes the Alma
    I like the Alma
    a lot of you said Alma!

    I'm going with my fav bag, the alma! I love this bag. Like my guy says "it shows class"...I agree :yes:

    I'll post pics and stories of everything when I get back!
  14. You have to take the miroir! You'll turn heads for sure!
  15. Miroir