Heeelp! - I Cant Get Into My Own Ebay!!!


Oct 31, 2006
i tried getting into my account with my usual password, and it said "invalid"! i thought, maybe i am loosing my mind and typed in the wrong password, so click the "forget my password" link. after typing in some security questions, it said that it was going to email me my password. nothing came in my email.

then, i tried asking for my username, maybe all the stress re. ebay recently have affected my memory. again, it said that it was going to email me with it, nothing came...

i had almost gotten my password stolen about a month ago, someone pretended to be interested in the item i listed and asked to be replied on ebay by clicking that yellow response button, which took me to a page which required me to type username and passoword. the second i did that, i saw the URL and realized that it is based in a country with the code "cz". so i promptly changed my password, and reported it to ebay.

but they have my user name and email address... all they need is a password.

and now, i am really paranoid. i can still find my account on ebay by searching for member, and no one has listed anything on it so far.

can anyone help me with a guess or what is happening....?
Same thing happen to me a month ago, lucky for me ebay picked it up and change my password. The hijacker came through in ask the seller a question, then you press the yellow button that how they got my password. Go to live help on ebay they will help you and in future always answer questions from your ebay page.