Heeeelp! On Speedy

  1. HEEEEEEEEELP!!!! Speedy 35 mono or damier speedy 30?:yahoo:
  2. Damier 30!
  3. Speedy 35...I think the mono is great year round, and damier looks so wintery.
  4. Mono Speedy 35
  5. well i think the 35 is too big of a bad for everyday. so i would say the damier speedy 30.
  6. Tough choice you need both. Maybe get the damier 30 now and then the mono 35 later
  7. Depends on your needs, but I like Damier 30!
  8. Damier speedy 30. It's a perfect everyday year-round bag and no vachetta to worry about.
  9. Monogram 35. Its size gives it ummphhh.
  10. Damier speedy 30...definitely! :tup:
  11. mono 35 I just bought one so chic!
  12. Mono speedy 30....I think the 35 is too big.
  13. damier 30
  14. i'm a mono kind of gal! if you live close to a store, wear your favorite outfit and try both on and see which you like best. Have fun and enjoy!
  15. i'm a mono girl but i think thirty is a perfect size!