HEEEELP! need advice please!!

  1. Hi guys..im new here, but i was wondering if you could give me your opinions. I have been debating on which bag i should get for a couple weeks now and I cant make up my mind..I am stuck between a Juicy bag, the gucci belt bag (not in the blue but in the beige color with green/red belt) and the LV accessories pochette..which one would you guys recommend?? :confused1:

    Juicy Couture


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  2. Hi and welcome! The three are quite different. If you want a regular bag, the Juicy is the only one for that purpose. Knowing your age category and what you'll use it for would help. Mostly I think of Juicy for younger women. The Gucci is nice--how much would you use a belt bag? My personal choice (but I'm sure I'm older than you) is the LV--I think it can be multi-purpose and will never go out of style.

    Good luck deciding--they all are very attractive and in good taste IMO.
  3. I don't like any of them, but you should think about the purpose the bag is going to be used for - day/travelling/evening? Because the bags you posted are all completely different
  4. Hi, the three bags do look very different both in style and function to me, so I guess the first question is what do you want to use the bag for? I also think the Juicy one is fun and more 'age specific' - if I were young enough I'd make the most of brands that tend to be for younger women, if that makes any sense at all?!
  5. I like the Gucci belt bag the best. Runner-up would be the LV. Which one do you think you would use the most?
  6. Please do the LV, makes a statement- too me.
  7. thank u all for your advice and ur right, they are all VERY different lol. I just have had my eye on those particular three and I wish i can get all of them, but cant afford to..I think i am leaning towards the LV or the Gucci because they are timeless and I can use them year round..thanks all!! ;)
  8. I would go with the LV as well - it appears to be the most versatile of the 3 and will last you a very long time!
  9. I would go with the LV before prices go up again. And it's more versatile than the Gucci belt bag. Good luck deciding!
  10. I know this has been said a lot of times before in other posts and on other threads, but it is true....the LV MC is a classic that will be around forever, and last forever! I would go with that one myself. Second would be the Gucci Belt Bag. Juicy dosesn't appeal to me at all, as I consider it faddish and subject to the whims of "in" and "out".
  11. Lv!!!
  12. Lv!! :biggrin: